Print                                A Happy Mommy of an adorable little one(Eesh).   A blogger by passion and software engineer by previous profession.

My Aim in life is to be a writer & Educationalist, once my little one is off to school. I am always ready for new opportunity for freelance writing work &  new challenge. I would like to make freelance writing as my full-time career soon.

PARENTING is all about understanding how to connect to your CHILD..
PARENT-CHILD relationship is a deep connection of souls.
My writing would relate to this. I will make up with Mom-Tot products reviews, Pre-Post Pregnancy and Parenting.

Dedicated …I can justify with whatever I work ..
My social views are conservative, my politics are moderate, and my approach to English spelling and grammar is quite liberal.

As anybody who reads my blog regularly will know, I have a number of plates about hates, including cultural imperialism, and the foxy way that  a girl is looked upto in Indian society.
Other than this, I believe in cyclic living..

When it comes to our relationships with our children, it’s the quality of the connection we have that truly matters. Whether we’re responding to our baby’s cries, setting limits, deciding whether we should trust or direct our child’s development, it is the strength of our bond that informs our choices and our child’s response
Out of this, the blog that is ” The Soul Time ” was born…

Happy Soul connection!